What does battered women’s syndrome and being an entrepreneur have in common?

Sorry about the gloomy title. Unfortunately, it is reality for many.  I’ve got to tell ya about some of the business owners I’ve been talking to lately.  Some of you are making your lives miserable and it’s completely unnecessary. Please … Continue reading

Are you on track to hit your business goals for 2011?

Are you on track to hit your business goals for 2011? If not, why?  THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER! I’m inviting you, my entrepreneur friend, to my FREE teleseminar / webinar “Achieve One Audacious Goal in Three Months or Less!” … Continue reading


Submit your story and win a FREE PRIZE. What was your biggest Aha, breakthrough or success during 2010? If you didn’t have any big breakthroughs, enter your biggest hurdle or dilemma.

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Has Corporate Become Halloween’s Grim Reaper?

A friend of mine, Sue, calls me in tears because she’s been working for the same company for 27 years. Her department was eliminated. Luckily she found another position within the company. But, the company did a bait and switch.

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