Yes I Can With A Plan! How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Yes I Can With A Plan!

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

A fun, quick read for the person who feels too busy to stop and gain sanity. Full on real-life quick tricks and tips you can easily put to use immediately

If you’re ready to take control of your life, personal as well as business, this is a must!Especially, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and worrying about how on earth you’re going to get it all done…. within this lifetime – and without going crazy or killing someone.

This is also a terrific tool for motivating the chronic procrastinator who just doesn’t seem to get clarity and focus long enough to actually finish a project.

You’ll get life changing tools for immediate results. This is the “how to” for the Goal Success System, Communication Success System and Daily Success System.


2Apply the tools

3Get results today


Includes success bonuses:

  • How to overcome the “big green ugly monster”
  • How to Protect Your Sanity
  • Have Impact
  • Commitment
  • Oh yea, FUN!

This alone will save you time and hours of frustration.

Yes I Can With A Plan - How to be a Successful EntrepreneurDownload Version — $29.97


Audio Version — $29.97

Both — $39.97


The physical book is only available as part of the coaching programs.

If you’re the type of person who gets better results from asking questions and being coached (and held accountable), you will get more value from the Self Starter Program.

My life was all work and no joy.  All I could see ahead of me was more work, and behind me – all I had not done.  Out of concern, my friend shared Lisa’s book with me.  The Yes I Can With a Plan success system gave me an improved way to approach my job, my work, my life.  It provided the tools to reorient myself and the coaching to proceed and not slip back.  Now I have my creativity back, a new way to deal with my workload, my health, and goals with direction/ organization and happiness. Lisa literally pulled me off of a path to destruction and set me on the right track again.  I can’t thank you enough Lisa!

Janelle Golden, Speech-Language Pathologist