Daily Success System

Daily Success System

For those of you that know you could be getting so much more accomplished and feeling greater satisfaction at the end of each day. This baby is your personal coach – by your side every day, guiding you to success. The sum of your little actions create the big results you want. And this is the tool to keep those little (and vital) actions IN ACTION every day.

This “jewel in the crown” has become one of my best friends. It has helped me get laser focused so I get more done in less time and with less effort. And because of this, I have more quality time for myself and my loved ones.

Freedom doesn’t just happen. You create it.

~ Lisa D. Long

Wealth, success and happiness are all about balance. When you feel incomplete, when you feel constantly tired, stressed or unhappy, your own personal balance meter is telling you something is out of kilter. Your life has wobbled out of balance. It’s time to stop. Look at what you’ve been doing and what’s been left out. Where did the joy go? Utilizing the Daily Success System ensures you do not leave the joy out of your life….. especially if you’re in any one of my coaching programs (links to coaching options page) because we have a lot of fun!!

Imagine…. You order your new Yes I Can With A Plan! Daily Success System now and it’s delivered right to your door so you have time to plan a fun, successful, rewarding year. You get your package and you rip it open, excited to plan (for success and lots of fun) your new lifestyle…


  • 2 Planners
  • January – June
  • July – December

Special E-Version for a limited time, only $27.00 for all!!

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YICWAP Daily Success Daily Success System $97.00

(S&H 10.50)

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It is not recommended to purchase this on its own, unless you’ve taken one of the coaching programs that provides the “how to” get the most out of this system.

The Daily Success System is a FREE bonus gift in the Fast Start, Self Starter, Gold, Diamond and Done for You coaching programs.


jaimeheadshot Daily Success SystemBefore I started using Lisa’s Yes I Can With A Plan! Daily Success System, I was drowning in endless to-do lists. I was way too busy and only getting mediocre results! This system combines clarity & efficiency. Now I’m in control of my time. It’s invaluable; it helped me get more done in less time.

I send all of my clients to Lisa’s website to buy the Daily & Goal Success System because it works and helps them create great results too!

You could buy a cheap planner and try to do this on your own, but the way Lisa has laid it out just makes it seamless. You will increase your confidence when you increase your level of organization, and this system allows you to do just that!

My husband also loves Lisa’s Daily Success System and carries it with him everywhere.

Jaime Kalman Certified Hypnotherapist & Empowerment Specialist 10/23/12



“My life was all work and no joy! All I could see ahead of me was more work, and behind me – all I had not done. Out of concern, my friend shared Lisa’s book with me. The Yes I Can With a Plan success system gave me an improved way to approach my job, my work, my life. It provided the tools to reorient myself and the coaching to proceed and not slip back. Now I have my creativity back, a new way to deal with my workload, my health, and goals with direction/ organization and happiness. Lisa literally pulled me off of a path to destruction and set me on the right track again. I can’t thank you enough Lisa!”

Janelle Golden, Speech-Language Pathologist, AZ