Done For You

Welcome to the “Done For You!” Program

This is for you if you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own and you know that even with specific instructions you would put off actually implementing, which of course will delay or even eliminate any chance for success.

You like the idea of getting more accomplished with less effort. You may even call yourself lazy – and that can serve you as a good quality.

If you want success NOW, the sooner the better, and you just want someone else to do this marketing stuff for you – this is your best option. Don’t worry if you like to be in the drivers seat – you still have final approval on every aspect.

DONE FOR YOU is limited to a select group 10-12 elite entrepreneurs. It is distinctively designed for the business owner who is ready to propel forward at a highly accelerated pace.

This is not a group event. We spend quality, focused time together, in person and over the phone. There may be some group activities. However since your business needs are unique, this is customized specifically for your goals and your business.

I cherry pick my clients. Acceptance is based on an application and interview.

This is like having me in your back pocket – whenever you need me – without the added expense and headache of hiring a full time employee.

You also have the added benefits of working with my entire team to provide you with the latest marketing strategies that get the RESULTS you want… in this new economy.

We’re at your side for an entire year making sure all systems are perfect and operating like a smooth, well oiled machine – nice and easy. Plus, you’ll love your results (much, much quicker than if you were doing all this work on your own).

This is a high five figure investment. Serious inquiries only, please.

Here’s what is accomplished FOR YOU:

  • Identify YOUR unique sales/service position
  • Create your unique marketing message
  • Website that attracts clients to you and does the selling for you. It helps your potential clients pre-qualify themselves so you don’t spend so much time explaining what you do and why. All they need to do is decide which of your options is best for them and get started. There are specific must-haves for your website so it attracts clients to YOU and makes money. We will work with your existing website and webmaster, or create a new website – whichever is best and fits your budget.
  • Develop an autopilot system that helps you stay in touch with your clients so they stay longer.
  • Implement a system that generates a steady flow of referrals.
  • Your clients become your biggest unpaid sales force – and they’re thrilled about it!
  • Marketing materials that have people saying “You are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I want to work with you!”
  • Marketing is in everything you and your staff do. We work with all aspects and train your staff, when necessary.

As an appreciation bonus you receive:

FREE Monthly Breaking Through Barriers by Brainstorming sessions

All of us hit business and personal roadblocks and blind-spots. As a group, we break down what you’re stuck on and brainstorm through it so you get clear, decisive direction. The blockage is dissolved and gone and you’re back on a clear, direct path to success.

How to Make Anything and Everything Doable -

This is a fun process of taking your big projects that may be overwhelming and breaking them down into smaller and smaller bite sized pieces until you know EXACTLY what your next step is. This process is precisely how Lisa put together her entire Yes I Can With A Plan! Success System in less than one year – includes five books, three CDs and the coaching program now shared world-wide.


As an extra bonus, you also receive:

FREE membership into the Fast Start Program


How To Progress From Slave to Master of Your Time and YOUR Life

Time/ Implementation Mastery – how to utilize your time for the maximum effectiveness. Promotes a fulfilling, balanced AND successful lifestyle. You’ll love all your new found “guilt free” play time.

How To Have Effective Marketing That Works… without breaking the bank

Although your marketing stuff is done for you, you’re welcome to find out why the changes we bring to your business work so amazingly well.

How To Breakthrough the Mental Mud that Sabotages YOUR Success Every Day

No matter how much of an expert you become in marketing and time mastery, without the proper mindset, your success will be slow to none. This is the difference between having a mediocre business or a thriving business with a thriving, fun lifestyle.

We’ll take care of the marketing for you and I highly recommend participating in this call. You’ll improve not only your business, but your personal life as well.


The complete Yes I Can With A Plan! Success System:

  • Daily Success System
  • Goal Success System
  • Communications Success System
  • How to be a Successful Entrepreneur book
  • and book on CDs
  • All Aboard Sign
  • Ahhhhh Me Breaks CD
  • How to Focus and Succeed in Record Time… Every Time CD

I’m ready! Send an application


Congratulations! The first step on this amazing new journey begins with you.