Diamond Level

Welcome to the Diamond Level!

This is for the person who is a top achiever and ready to GO FOR IT! You’re ready, willing and able to receive the complete layout on how to move your business to the next big level, and more importantly, put it into ACTION. You’re ready for six-figure success.

You already have your Virtual Assistant and/or personal assistant in place and your comfortable with delegating and getting help so you have more time to focus on what you love and the activities that bring in money (high money-making activities).

Diamond Level is a one year coaching partnership Specifically created to lead both experienced business owners and startups alike through building a solid, successful business into a solid six figure income and beyond that will withstand economic ups and downs.

This program is for the visionary entrepreneur who wishes to maximize her efforts and is ready to expand into much more leveraged and passive income.

The Diamond curriculum is delivered by tele-coaching, featuring detailed step-by-step training along with regular opportunities for all members to ask questions and receive specific advice from Lisa Long who delivers these strategies with step-by-step training that’s designed to increase your business income and create a healthy, thriving, balanced lifestyle.



FREE Monthly Breaking Through Barriers by Brainstorming Sessions

All of us hit business and personal roadblocks and blind-spots. As a group, we break down what you’re stuck on and brainstorm through it so you get clear, decisive direction. The blockage is dissolved and gone and you’re back on a clear, direct path to success.

FREE membership into the FAST START PROGRAM

This program was created for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level — affordably! This tele-coaching program covers some of Lisa’s best marketing, time management and mindset strategies

Best of all, the fast start coaching focuses on no-cost to low-cost strategies you can start implementing immediately in your business.

How to Make Anything and Everything Doable -

This is a fun process of taking your big projects that may be overwhelming and breaking them down into smaller and smaller bite sized pieces until you know EXACTLY what your next step is. This process is precisely how Lisa put together her entire Yes I Can With A Plan! Success System in less than one year – includes five books, three CDs and the coaching program now shared world-wide.

All About You – Open Q&A calls that answer any questions about getting your business to the next level.

Each class is recorded so you can download the coaching and add it to your success library. This is great in case you miss a live call, and of course, listen to the calls again and again because you’ll always get something new.


Extra Bonuses:

  • Yes I Can With A Plan! Success System
  • Daily Success System
  • Goal Success System
  • Communications Success System
  • All Aboard Sign

Acceptance into Diamond Level coaching program is based on a short interview. Please read “How I Can Help”, “Results” and “Interview With Lisa” pages on www.yesicanwithaplan.com and contact my office for a get acquainted interview. Best of luck and I hope we talk soon.

Contact by e-mail

contact by phone – 928-284-9285