The Key To Confidence

There is nothing more key to success, especially if you’re an entrepreneur and/or sales person, than confidence.  You’ve probably heard the term “Fake it till you make it”.  What this means is get out there, even before you feel ready.  Why?…  Because if you don’t, you’ll never feel ready.  Learning is truly by doing.  And the best time to start is NOW.

Taking action is where all the excuses come up… I don’t have the time is a very common excuse.  To this you may say “But, I really don’t have the time.  I work a full-time job, my children are out of school for the summer, I have to pick the dog up from the vet, my parents are coming into town and staying with us and we just put the house on the market”.  Okay, yes this sounds busy.

What if, on top of all this busyness, your child suddenly became ill?  You wouldn’t say:  “Honey, I’m sorry.  I’m too busy to take you to the doctors”.  Of course not.  You would stop everything, rearrange your day and take your child to the doctor.

The point is we (all of us) make time for what we feel is important.  The question is…. are your activities really important, productive and leading you toward your goal, or are some of them just keeping you busy and actually distracting you from your goal? This busyness can destroy your confidence.

It’s time to do a summer cleaning and weed out all the non-productive activities…. just like you weed out your garden and get rid of the unwanted plants.  If you don’t they will strangle out the good plants.

Action Steps

1.  Identify your goals.

2.  Exercise your awareness muscle this week and notice (honestly) –  which activities are your weeds and which are your roses.  In other words, which activities are leading you toward your goal versus keeping you busy and eating up your precious time and disintegrating your confidence?

3.  Check out the upcoming class where we take this deeper and help you get the results you want! 

4.   Know that you can create a beautiful, fulfilling life!

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