Redirecting Your Thoughts For Success

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I seemed to have struck a nerve with the last newsletter saying there is nothing about you that needs to be
fixed. I received questions asking why then are you not successful?  Why are you not already where you want to be?  What the heck is taking so long for this success to show up?  What am I doing wrong? 

Great questions, all of them.  The point is we have been conditioned to focus on what is wrong.  Think of the first words you learned…. “no”.  No, don’t do that, no you cannot have that, no, no, no.

We also heard “I don’t have enough money” and “there’s not enough money”, “ we’re short on money”…

Another common influence is “I don’t have the time”.

What we heard as an child (and even before) influences our lives today!

Take notice of your internal, self-talk.  What do you tell yourself throughout your day?  The awareness of this one piece can change your life, your income, your relationships, your health….. everything.

Action Steps –

Decide to be consciously aware of your internal dialogue throughout your day.

Catch yourself when your self-talk is negative.  Stop it and choose to focus on something positive instead.

Keep a journal.  Write down what you notice.  I would love for you to share your awareness’s with me as I’m always looking for good stories to share (your story may be anonymous if you prefer) and tools to help others enjoy life more fully.

This may sound too simple to be effective.  However, I have used this with 100’s maybe even 1000’s of clients and they have experienced amazing results from this one little awareness and redirection of thoughts.

If you’re thinking you already know this and you don’t need to do this… guess again.  If you already mastered this, you would be teaching this.  And even then, there are so many influences that knock us off track, this is an ongoing exercise.  All of the thought leaders work with this exercise on an ongoing daily basis….. because it works!

If you would like help with this powerful exercise, or dive deeper into it, contact me and I’m happy to help  – Just click here to send an email.

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