Are You Killing Your Sales By Giving Too Much? (When Giving Doesn’t Work)

active-listeningWe are naturally givers. We enjoy sharing because it feels good to help another person.

In sales, however, if you’re not getting the new clients that you want, it may actually be your desire to give that is sabotaging the sales. It’s not only how much you’re giving, it’s what you’re giving.

It’s a common mistake in selling, especially when we get nervous, to talk more and give lots and lots of information on how wonderful our goods and services are. We want to tell our prospects ALL the wonderful ways we can help them.

What we really need to do is listen – really listen. If you’re truly listening to your prospects, they will tell you what they need and exactly how you can help them. They will sell themselves. All you need to do is guide the process by sprinkling a few key questions throughout the conversation and then let them do the talking. Your prospect should be doing about eighty percent of the talking while you’re listening and taking notes. I’m often complimented on what a good listener I am (probably from a combination of my sales background and psychotherapy training).

Selling is not about selling your goods or services, it’s about helping your prospect solve a problem. And you cannot effectively help if you don’t clearly understand what the problem is.

Here are some key steps to help you get better at the sales and get more clients:

Before meeting or talking with your prospect, breathe deep, get grounded and centered. Continue this through your meeting, especially if you’re feeling nervous or anxious.

Let go of your agenda and be fully present with your prospect. **This doesn’t mean abandoning your expectation to get the sale. Always expect success.

Listen, listen, listen and take notes.

Smile, laugh, have fun. If you’re pushing and not having fun, something is wrong. Take a deep breath, get centered and back on track.


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