Is Your Unknown Subconscious Programming Clouding Your Abundance?

I used to think mindset was about 10% – maybe 20% of success. Throughout the years of coaching, it has been proven to me that mindset is more like 95% of our success.

It’s amazing how our thought patterns dictate our outcome. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “thoughts are things”. What that means is EVERYTHING around you began with a thought…. a daydream… a fantasy. That thought moves you into action and that action creates your results.

Sounds pretty simple. So all we have to do is think good thoughts and we’ll be rich and successful – right? If it were only that easy! Wouldn’t it be great to end struggle once and for all? Everyone would be living a life they are in love with.

This is the way it should be. We are designed to live abundantly and create freely.

We know how to think happy thoughts. So what’s the problem? Where’s the abundance? I’ll tell you. It’s that old programming from earlier in your life…. Even before you were born! Do you know we are taught what to think when we start listening to the outside world, at five months inside the womb?

Over the years, we’ve developed all kinds of rules, regulations and paradigms to “keep us safe”. The problem is these are actually roadblocks to your success.

Read these three questions out loud because I want you to really understand it:

Do you do things that you know will lead you to results you DON’T want?

And, do you find yourself not doing the things you know will get you the results you DO want?

Ever wonder why?

Isn’t this the most bizarre behavior? Yet, everyone does it.

Your Success Actions Steps –

gratefulIn honor of the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving next week, I encourage you to keep a gratitude journal. This will raise your vibration and awareness of all the good you have and then you’ll attract more good into your life.

List all of your non-productive activities. Becoming aware of these will help in eliminating them.

Join me in my webinar “Your Mind and Money” where I’m going to go into great detail on how these paradigms block our success AND, more importantly, what to do about it.

I’m so excited to share this with you. It has changed my life and it will change your life too.

By the way, the “Your Mind and Money” webinar is my gift. Enjoy!



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Is Your Unknown Subconscious Programming Clouding Your Abundance? — 1 Comment

  1. In Lesson 6 of Thinking Into Results it suggests making a list of our weaknesses and our strengths. Then we should manage our weaknesses and work on our strengths.
    This seems like a better idea than writing down non-productive activities and dwelling on them.
    Marian Sjostrom

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