Does Give and Ye Shall Receive Really Work?

womanwithbasketA lot of people act like PacMan. They see everyone they meet as a dot they can gobble up on their way to success. Hey look—a potential client! Chomp, chomp, chomp. But it’s so much better for your business, and for yourself, to give instead of take.

Who would you rather be around and work with? Someone who’s going to take, take, take, and chomp you up? Or someone who’s looking to give you what you want?

It’s the Universal law of cause and effect. If you turn people off, they’re not going to stick around. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the Law of Laws because it’s so important. Givers gain.

Never approach someone intending to get something from them. They’ll instinctively sense it and put up their guard. You won’t get it, and they won’t like you. Instead, think about how you can help them. They’ll subconsciously want to help you in return because you’ve left them with the impression of increase and abundance.

I teach this extensively in the Thinking Into Results program, and it can lead you to personal and professional growth (in all areas of your life).

When you have all that you need, you feel secure that there’s enough success for everyone. So you automatically approach people thinking, “What can I do for you?” If you’ve been meeting people and wondering, “What’s in it for me?” you’ve clearly mistaken yourself for a contestant in The Hunger Games. You’ve been worried about fighting off scarcity and beating out the competition as if your life depended on it. But in reality, there’s plenty of everything to go around. There’s more than enough business, success, friendship and love for you and everyone around you.

So put down the bow and arrow, and look for opportunities to just give. Find out what people want, and give it to them. Don’t expect anything in return. Give because you want to, and because it feels good. Some people will repay your kindness and others won’t. But this isn’t about them. Because giving helps you grow.

We all have the spiritual urge to find a deeper experience, and a fuller expression of our selves. We are either growing or dying. So if we’re not trying to become more aware and grow, we’re slowly and painfully killing ourselves.

The law of cause and effect states that energy returns to its source. What goes around, comes around. If you send out negative energy, it’ll boomerang right back at you. And the same thing goes for positive energy. Personally, I’d rather be hit upside the head with positive energy.

It’s like planting a garden. If you plant stink weed, you get stink weed. If you plant roses, you get roses. It’s crazy to plant stink weed and expect roses. But that’s exactly what so many people do when it comes to energy. They send out doom, gloom, jealousy and bitterness and then get upset when they get more in their life to be bitter about.

So how do you plant roses? Leave everyone you know feeling good about themselves. Listen more, and talk less. You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Don’t interject your story when someone else has the spotlight. You’ll get your turn. People naturally gravitate towards, and want to do business with positive people.

If you take honest pride in leaving everyone with the impression of increase, and live as a giving person, you will live an abundant life. It’s the law.

Your Success Action Steps -

1. Today, decide to make a conscious effort to send out more positive thoughts, feelings and actions every day. You WILL receive more in your life to be positive about.

2. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your thoughts, feelings and actions throughout the day. Do this without judgment. It’s not good or bad. This is just an awareness exercise.

3. Now, write down the areas you could be more positive. Be very specific and clear

4. Put this into practice immediately. Choose three things you can do today that will help shift your energy to be even more positive. Even if you think you’re already a very positive person, do this. All of us have room to grow and be even better. (Hint: a big one is stop gossiping or talking negatively about others).

Three things I can do right now to shift my energy to be even more positive and leave everyone with the impression of increase:




If you take honest pride
in leaving everyone with the impression of increase
and participate as a giving person yourself,
you will live an abundant life.
It’s the law.


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  1. This is in regard to you Mom’s message to you. When my husband’s (Ken) mother died, he read the obituary in the paper and realized that his Dad wouldn’t want to see that at the time, but would want it later, so he put it in a cabinet where his Dad kept things he would need to deal with (bills, etc.) As he opened it, he smelled his Mom’s perfume. Ok, he thought, she used that cabinet, too, so it would be normal for the smell to be there. A couple of hours later, he decided to see if he could still smell the perfume and it was gone. We took the perfume smell to mean that she was letting him know that she is ok.

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