Step 4 – Where to Find Your Ideal Clients

Previously I shared with you how to connect with and attract your ideal client. Now, you’re probably saying something like: “great, I’m ready. Where do I find these ideal clients”?

As you may imagine, there are 100’s of things you can do to attract clients to you. In marketing, you can spend a lot of time, energy and money with little payoff (if you don’t know what you’re doing).

I’m not going to give you a long list of 101 different (and overwhelming) things you can do to find clients. I am going to give you the top ways to get great clients, while having the most fun and the greatest payoff for your efforts and resources.

Let’s face it, you’re busy and you need to maximize your resources. This means what you do must be effective!

Think about where your ideal clients hang out – where can you find them in groups – not just (hopefully) one here and one there. If you’re a nutritionist, people interested in nutrition would likely be at the health food store, health fairs and the gym, just to name a few. If you’re a landscaper, your residential clients most likely own their own home. You’ll find them hanging out at places like Home Depot, Lowes, home and garden shows.

Wherever your ideal client is likely to be, you want to be there too. And you want to get noticed. Put yourself in a place of authority by being one of the speakers at the event.

Find out if your clients attend conferences. Do these conferences have speakers? Get on their agenda. This is one of the biggest and easiest ways to get lots of clients FAST.

You also want to regularly attend networking events because this builds relationships that can create a referral basis. Make sure the networking events are attended by your ideal clients.

Sponsoring events that attract your ideal client sets you up as a trusted authority and places you in front of 100-600 or more new contacts. You’re sure to get a few clients here.

Social media is a phenomenal way to leverage your marketing. Ask others to help you spread the word. If you’re speaking, sponsoring, demonstrating or attending an event, invite others to meet you there.

There are over 100 different things you can do to attract new clients. The ones I’ve given you here will help you get new clients FAST.

Your Action Steps:

Research where your ideal client can be found.
Research upcoming activities that cater to and attract your clients.
Mark these in your calendar.
Become part of these activities. Be there and be ready to meet your new clients.



Please write your comments below – What is your favorite nugget you got from this, today? What are you most excited about implementing from this “Yes I Can With A Plan! Bright Ideas” edition?


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